A Job in the City


Apart from becoming a successful musician I had few specific ambitions when I left school but I was fairly certain that I never wanted a job which entailed putting on a suit, travelling at the same time every day to the same place and doing pretty much the same thing, and for the last 35 years I have have managed to avoid doing just that, so it came as a bit of surprise recently to find myself shooting for 24 consecutive days for a corporate client in their city offices. I cycled in every morning, swiped my employee pass for access to the underground car park and then took the lift to the tenth floor, said hello to the receptionists, while my assistant got me the first of several flat whites from the state of the art coffee machine and I settled in to my “studio”, the surprise being, that in a way I really quite enjoyed the routine. The resulting 30,000 photographs, (backed up on three hard drives for safety) have been distilled down to about 700 and are being retouched for the website launch later this year so the bulk of the job is done and I’m back to a normal freelance existence but at least, as this test shot shows, I’ve still managed to avoid the suit…..