Almost anyone posing for a corporate photograph, from the CEO to the receptionist, would probably rather be somewhere else and preferably not having their photograph taken. Over the last decade I’ve shot tens of thousands of corporate portraits and I’ve acquired a huge amount of experience in overcoming that reluctance and putting people at ease in front of the camera, whoever they are.

A good photograph is a collaboration between the photographer and the subject, so I can’t afford to hide in the shadows behind the camera - I have to make a personal connection that allows them to become part of the process and then reassure and direct them until they're looking their best. I might suggest a minute tilt of the head or movement of the shoulders, remind them to breathe or to shift the weight onto the other foot but as no two people are the same there is no single solution, it’s different for every person. When there's nothing else in the frame, it's the tiniest details that make the difference between a natural portrait that actually conveys something of the subject's personality and an awkward corporate mugshot that pleases no one.