Lawyers in Paris

Leonore Isnard-153.jpg

Arriving in Paris with a brief to photograph two lawyers somewhere around their office, I wasn't expecting to find much in the way of interesting backgrounds and probably, as is often the case, to have to contrive something out of virtually nothing in a featureless meeting room so when I stepped into the top floor reception and spied an exit onto what appeared to be a roof terrace I wasted no time in asking my clients if it was possible to check it out. Slightly baffled by my request, as they regarded it merely as a smoking area, I was allowed out through the fire exit and immediately knew that one problem at least was solved although there was rather more wind than I had bargained for. Having set up my flash and weighted it down with a camera bag, I had to keep a nervous eye on it as it swayed alarmingly in the breeze above a six storey drop to the street while I picked the moments between gusts to try and catch the girls with at least most of their hair in the right place. Add a little of the effortless style and nonchalance for which Parisian women are so renowned, and the job was in the bag.