Health and Safety culture has come a long way. In the mid nineteenth century my Welsh ancestors ran an ironworks in Llanelli and the story of the Glanmor Foundry contains a litany of terrible accidental deaths of workers in the factory. When I started work as a fitter’s apprentice in what is now the Arcelor Mittal steelworks at Dunkerque in 1981, things were a lot better but our PPE (personal protective equipment) still consisted of nothing more than a blue overall and a hard hat, drinking alcohol during all the breaks in the working day, including before work, was completely normal and we washed our hands at the end of shift in a barrel of paraffin. By contrast Fujifilm’s contract chemistry plant in Grangemouth is a paragon of cleanliness and safety but just as in every other factory I’ve visited, I still couldn’t find a way of taking a photograph without taking off my safety glasses and putting them on top of my head where they really aren’t much use at all.