Cornish Artists

I've just spent a few days in Cornwall where I had the pleasure of having dinner one night with artists Jeremy Annear and Judy Buxton, who invited me to their studio the following day. Both highly acclaimed and collectible artists, they work from adjoining studios in a converted chapel and their studio spaces reflect their very different styles of work - Jeremy's is orderly, although liberally adorned with artefacts and dimly lit by a single north facing window with his works in progress, all abstract shapes and patterns, mounted on the wall and a clean empty easel awaiting whichever he feels needs further work. Judy's is bright and airy, currently with a large triptych of paintings on the wall, stunning impressionistic figurative works painted fast and freely and there is paint over every surface. I was so taken with her work table that I asked if I could shoot a couple of snaps of it - my London office desk, hardly a paragon of order, suddenly seems quite austere.