Every year in the Spring, some of the most promising young classical players from all over the world gather at a remote estate on the Cornish coast for a three week series of classes and coaching sessions with four or five of the acknowledged masters of their instruments. Despite the intense competition for a place, there is an extraordinarily friendly and special atmosphere and students and visitors are allowed to walk in and out of all the sessions at will. Photographically it is a real challenge. If the weather is bad, the light level in the rooms is both low and a difficult mixture of weak daylight from outside and low level tungsten light inside with the occasional energy saving bulb thrown in for good measure. If the weather is good, the rooms are flooded with brilliant sunlight.....from behind. The backgrounds are full of the clutter of a domestic interior and additionally of course, these are masterclasses with musicians of the highest calibre and the machine gun clatter of a Nikon shutter would be both immensely distracting and completely unacceptable. With all that in mind I decided to try out a Fuji XT-1 with its electronic, and therefore totally silent, shutter and put it through its paces - the results were exceptional. Mostly shot at 6400 ISO and given a black and white treatment to avoid the colour temperature issues, these images give a small insight into a unique environment that I was privileged to be allowed into for a couple of very memorable days.