Made to Measure


At a certain point in life, middle-aged men such as myself are sometimes tempted to visit a tailor, probably for the first time, in order to commission a bespoke suit that will convey to the world the impression that they have 'arrived' and are men of importance. However the gentleman with the elaborately tattooed head is not a tailor - he is Ben Crowe, a master luthier who founded Crimson Guitars in Dorset and as I rarely wear a suit, I had a custom electric guitar made for me instead which I collected last week. While I was there I managed to grab a few quick portraits of him and some of the other luthiers involved before he started filming another of the YouTube videos that have made him something of an internet star. I have definitely not 'arrived' nor do I think I am a man of any importance but when I walk on stage for the guitar's debut gig on Saturday night I shall feel like both.